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What is QRedent®

In our digitized world, we leave enormous amounts of data no matter where we are. This poses challenges for users and companies alike. For users, the overview of where the data is stored and who uses it for what purpose is lost. Companies have the task of maintaining and processing this data in compliance with the GDPR.

QRedent® is a mobile application for authentication without data transfer. With the help of QRedent® users take full control of their data again and companies can give up control where it is not needed. This means that legal requirements for business processes are met without restriction and at the same time the GDPR guidelines for protecting the personal data of users are observed.

  • App installation

    QRedent® is available free of charge for Android and iOS and can be installed with just a few clicks from the respective app store.

  • Data entry

    After installation, the user enters their data, which are then only available on their device. These are not used by QRedent® saved, still passed on to third parties.

  • Validation of the data

    After entering the data, they are validated.

  • Key generation

    A unique identification key is generated from the valid data.

  • Registration and registration with services

    Users scan a QR code and QRedent® transmits the identification key. This key is used for registration and registration with various service providers.

  • Communication to users

    Service providers can use this key to contact the user quickly, easily and anonymously.

  • Data update

    Contact is guaranteed at all times as long as the user uses the service. QRedent® validates this data at regular intervals and keeps it up to date.

We are ready to implement your ideas

Talk to us to develop specific services for your use case.

QRedent® USE-CASE development process


Use case analysis

Thanks to our years of experience in the field of identity management, QRedent® already shown some use cases. We would be happy to analyze your specific application.


Work out solution

Based on the requirements of your use case, we develop a solution tailored to you.


Use-Case implement

Our experienced team of Identity and Access Management and Customer Identity and Access Management experts makes QRedent® can be used for your use case.


Anonymous use

The users use your service anonymously through the generated identity key, without losing the personalizability and customer approach.


Create trust & generate added value

By using QRedent® show yourself transparent to users who will recognize and appreciate it in the community.