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Seal of trust

In our digitized world, we leave enormous amounts of data no matter where we are. Users lose track of where the data is stored and who used it for what purpose. Using QRedent® users take full control of their data again.

Incognito Authentication

Surf, travel, pay, but stay anonymous. QRedent® Incognito Authentication offers the opportunity to identify yourself to third parties with a clear, anonymized identity, without disclosing personal data and still using all services and offers without restriction. The entered data is only saved on the device.

Advantages for the user

QRedent® turns your mobile phone into your digital ID


QRedent® creates an identity key from your data and only passes this key on to the company.

Full control

With one click, you can revoke permission to save your identity key.


Your data stays on your device. You have a full overview of your data and where you are logged in or registered.

Safe and simple

A username or password is no longer required. You simply scan the QR code and use the services.


Companies can communicate with you without knowing your data. E-mail, SMS: Call QRedent® make it possible.

Anonymous payment

Use and pay for the services of a company and still remain anonymous. QRedent® make it possible

Benefits for companies

With QRedent® give your customers the security that their data will be treated in a trustworthy manner. You also save on identity and password management. QRedent® is very versatile. As a login mask for your website, multifactor authentication or access control in your company. Wherever customer identities are required, QRedent® applicable. This means that legal requirements for business processes are met without restriction and at the same time the GDPR guidelines for protecting the personal data of users are observed.

Talk to us to develop specific services for your use case.


Projects were done with QRedent® realized. Among other things, Corona-related restaurant registration


Companies use our service. From different industries and use cases.


Users use QRedent®


Satisfied costumers.

Save time and resources with QRedent® Incognito authentication

The advantage of this app is not only the security, but also the simple, quick handling, which many users have already convinced themselves of. The rapid growth speaks for her success. Strong growth rates can be seen on the side of the organizers as well as on the side of the registered users. Create your anonymous profile and register!

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